Analysis tools

Bioinformatics tools for the study of skeletal muscle

With gene arrays and sequencing technologies, the amount of data collected around the world increases exponentially. A gold mine for discoveries! Here I focus on skeletal muscle in exercise, differentiation or across species. Click and explore how your gene of interest is expressed in different analysis tools.

Across Species

Explore how your favorite gene is expressed in skeletal muscle cells and tissues of different species

Muscle Atlas

Discover how your favorite gene is expressed in the different cells that compose human skeletal muscle

Disclaimer: I am a beginner in big data analysis and do not pretend to provide the cleanest code or the most proper studies. I just have fun analyzing big data and want to share some of my experiments. I humbly hope that these tools can be useful to the scientific community and will keep updating them regularly with my expanding coding abilities. Thanks for your support and feel free to comment and share!